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Summer-land Is another name for heaven.


Based in Australia we are Crafters, Pen and Jewellery makers.


Incorporating Diamond Painting Pens Australia

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Diamond Painting Pens from $23

Diamond Painting Pens Australia guarantees our customers purchase only the best quality handmade pen. Browse through the pens we make and from the pen blanks that we use.

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from $8.00

Summerland Krafts makes lots of jewellery, coasters and other items from resin, We also use found objects, remanufacture old estate jewellery and make custom pieces as well.

Pen Blanks 

from $23 as a complete pen

It’s no secret that every pen be it for diamond painting or for writing needs to start with great material. Summerland Kraftz and Diamond Painting Pens Australia offers you our wide range of inventory to help you decide on the colours and style of your pen. If you need any advice, feel free to to message us.


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